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Writing writer website mocked up on a wireframe laptop.

Every structure needs a strong foundation.

What can I build for you?

Websites for Artists

Wireframe laptop with Piarie website mocked up on it.

I want to help your work shine, and that means a website that not only just works, but also complements your work rather than outshining it or dragging it down. Let me build the perfect portfolio website for you.

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Websites for Businesses

Writing writer website mocked up on a wireframe laptop.

Your business needs a web presence that isn’t frustrating to navigate, and allows potential customers to get all of the information they need easily. Let me build you a sleek, modern, responsive website for your business.

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Websites for Shops

Wireframe laptop with Wicked Pissah Glass website mocked up on it.

Selling online is a breeze with my eCommerce websites. List products, take orders, and even integrate with Facebook and Instagram shopping to ensure that you never lose a sale. The sky’s the limit when it comes to eCommerce and online shopping.

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I believe in efficient, optimized websites that serve as your business’ foundation… and beyond. At Foundation Web Design & Development, I want to deliver you unique, tailored-to-you design and development solutions on an easy to manage WordPress content management system – the right way. Say goodbye to confusing page-builders and code bloat; what you end up with is an optimized, fast site. I build sites that utilize the power right within WordPress’ core and that last, and last, and last.

My Work


Really loved working with Foundation, who helped get my art site up and running a few years back. EXTREMELY knowledgeable about web design and able to explain even complicated terms to someone like me. Sat through all my questions without complaint. 10/10


I would not hesitate to recommend Foundation web design & development, they are FANTASTIC! Aimee helped me set up my membership website and she has helped me with many other website related queries or questions that I’ve had over the last couple of years. Can’t recommend highly enough! 10/10


Aimee started working with me back in 2020 with a variety of things regarding website and marketing work including cleaning out a website hack, migrating my website to a more secure host after the hack, saving me a little bit of money, installing an SSL certificate, cleaning up my website to use a modern and optimized theme, rolling out my email, and more. Aimee has been trustworthy, transparent, and always quick to reply when I need help, and to my astonishment seems to be able to resolve most of my issues with very little input from me. In addition to her abilities as a web developer, Aimee has an eye for design. She has assisted me with creating or critiquing physical marketing materials. I am extremely appreciative of the help she’s given me and would highly recommend her work to anyone.


Aimee makes setting up a Wordpress site extremely easy for you. I literally just gave a list of things I wanted for my site and she delivered on every point, picking out a base theme for me and making it look just the way I had in mind. A few years later, an outdated plugin caused a hacking issue (my bad!) which Aimee actually pointed out to me since I hadn’t noticed it myself. She was able to swiftly resolve the issue and cleaned up my plugins for me.

All in all, a dependable problem-solver with great creative vision.


I decided it was time to change hosting sites a couple of years ago. I’d been putting it off for a long while because of the hassle involved. At the time I was working a very computer intensive job that left me drained in my off time, I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer for another minute. Aimee came to the rescue. Not only did she know of a host that was three times less expensive than my current one, but she’s an expert in site migration. My web site is in three separate sections, each of which had to be moved. What would have taken me days and days to complete was done in very quick order. Aimee was a joy to work with. She handled everything with minimal input needed from me and had my site back up and running without a hiccup. I didn’t even have time to blink before she’d worked her magic. Highly recommend.

Aimee is so professional, she had so many tips to help me get my website modern and working in a way that was easy to update. She was extremely clear and stress-free to work with, I would definitely recommend her website services, her ideas are creative and grounded in what is workable for your resources. I have been very happy with the changes she recommended, it really streamlined my site!